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Old Quarry Olive Oil sells fused and infused ultra premium olive oils, as well as specialty oils, seasoned salts, spice mixes, balamic vinegar, and other ingredients for gourmet cooking

old-quarry-olive-oil-branford-ct-mushroom-sageOld Quarry Olive Oil is committed providing the State of Connecticut  the highest quality, and best tasting olive oil, as well as balsamic vinegars. We also carry other gourmet cooking ingredients ingredients such as seasoned salts, and spice mixes for all of your cooking needs.  In addition to our Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we also carry a vast selection of both fused and infused olive oils. These include a great selection of the Ultra Premium Extra Virgin olive oils as well as “flavors” like Blood Orange, Wild Mushroom & Sage, Garlic and many more.

Our balsamic vinegar selection is equally diverse. After all, olive oil and balsamic vinegars go hand in hand. Whether you are combining the two for an incredibly delicious AND Tunisian Baklouti pepper fused olive oil is a very hot addition to any spicy meal, and is available at Old Quarry Olive Oil.healthy salad dressing or marinade, or using it them as a saute for vegetables, you will be amazed with the meals that you can prepare. We carry both red and white balsamic vinegars, and many flavors as well. We even have customers who are using the balsamics as ingredients in cocktails, and as a key ingredient for desserts!. They are that good.



Old Quarry Olive Oil

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